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AQ Buff Selection

NOTE: Modifiers are in random groups of 5. In other words- each week the modifiers will be different. 

Graphic updated as of 11 December 2022


Combat Déjá  vu - Prowess: Whenever the Attacker lands the same type of Basic Attack twice in a row, the Defender gains a Prowess Buff, Increasing Special Attack Damage by 50% for 10 seconds.

Prowess Puncture - 1: Each time the Defender gains Prowess they also gain a non-stacking Passive Impact charge, granting 20% Block Penetration for 5 seconds.


Performance Anxiety - 2: After the Attacker uses a Special Attack, a 15 second timer is started. If the Attacker activates another Special while this timer is active they are inflicted with a Glance Debuff for 8 seconds.


Power Through Sickness - 1: Each time the Attacker is inflicted with any Debuff, the Defender gains a Power Gain Passive granting 5% of Max Power over 8 seconds. this Power Gain does not stack multiple times. 

Concussive Resonance - 1: Striking into the Defender's Block or Auto-Block causes the Attacker to be inflicted with a Concussion Debuff, reducing their Ability Accuracy by 10% for 10 second(s). Max 5 stacks.


Under Pressure - Passive - 3: When the Attacker dashes back, they gain a Disorient Timer for 1.20 second(s). Dashing back again while the Disorient Timer is active inflicts a Disorient Passive lowering Defensive Ability Accuracy and Block Proficiency by 50% for 9 second(s). Max 1 stack.


Use It Or Lose It - 3: When the Attacker fills a bar of Power, they have 6 second(s) to use a Special Attack, or 20% of their Max Power is instantly drained. 


Rise to Power - 3: When the Defender is knocked down a 4 second timer starts. While active, each time the Defender lands a hit or strikes into the block, they gain 50% of a Bar of Power. 


Obstinate Charge: When the Defender performs the first attack in any combo, the Defender is Stun Immune until the attack ends. This immunity goes on cooldown for 8 second(s) when the Attacker performs a Well-Timed Block.


Masochism Over Time - 1: Whenever the Defender is inflicted with a Debuff, it is immediately Purified and the Defender gains a Regeneration Buff, granting 5% of their Max Health over 7 seconds. This Ability has a 7 second cooldown.  

(Counters: Apoc, RedMags (#METAL), ArchAngel, Bishop)


Clean Slate - 1: When the Defender finishes a Special Attack, they gain a Debuff Immunity Passive for 4 second(s) for each Debuff that was active when this effect was applied.

Conflictor - 1: Every 7 seconds the next Debuff activated on the Defender is immediately Purified. Each time this triggers, the Defender gains 25% of a bar of power.

Hurt Locker: Using the same type of Special Attack twice in a row gives the Attacker a Delayed Blast charge for 5 seconds which may be removed by landing a Heavy Attack. If the Blast expires, the Attacker takes 50% of their health as direct damage.

Null Gain - 1: Every 20 seconds the Attacker is inflicted with a Passive Power Lock and Special Lock for 6 seconds. If the Attacker lands a Special Attack this timer is reset.

Passively Special - 2: After the Defender throws a Special Attack, they gain +1 Passive Prowess for each hit that was blocked. If the Attacker performs a Well-Timed block they gain this Prowess for themself instead. Each Prowess increases Special Attack Damage by 20% and lasts until the end of the next Special Attack that makes contact. 

Dismay: Whenever the Attacker loses their highest achieved Combo in a fight, they start taking Direct Damage over time, equal to 10 times the lost Combo every second.

Evasive Maneuvers - 1: When the Defender is knocked down they gain an Evade charge for 6 seconds. If the Defender is attacked while this charge is active, it is consumed, granting a 100% chance to Passively Evade.

Kinetic Transference - 2: Blocked attacks cause the Defender to gain 7.50% Power. If the Blocked attack dealt 0 damage, the amount of Power gained is doubled.


Feat of Indestructible 2: When the Attacker reaches 2 Bars of Power, the Defender gains an Indestructable Buff causing them to ignore all damage for 5 seconds.

Hit Me, I Dare You: When Struck the Defender gains a Chitin Charge. At 10 all Charges are Removed and the Defender gains an Armor Up Buff increasing Armor by 50% lasting 30 seconds.

Make A Stand - 1: The Defender has indefinite Protection, reducing all damage received by 50%. This goes onto cooldown for 15 seconds when knocked down.

Rise to power - 1: When the Defender is knocked down a 4 second timer starts. While active, each time the Defender lands a hit or strikes into the block, they gain 15% of a Bar of Power.

Soft Guard - 1: Each Blocked attack reduces Block Proficiency by 2%, up to a maximum of 80% reduction.

Hale and Hearty - 1: Whenever the Attacker gains a Bar of Power, the Defender gains a Regeneration Buff healing 3% of their max Health over 8 seconds. This Regeneration Buff is removed early if the Defender is knocked down with a Heavy Attack.

Painful Retreat - 1: Every 15 seconds, the Attacker is inflicted with a Power Sting, dealing 40% of the Defender's Attack as Drect Damage when activating a Special Attack. They can remove one Power Sting Debuff for every 10 hit(s) on their combo meter.


Armor - 2: +45% Armor

Energy Resistance: +40% Energy Resistance.

Opportunist - 1: This Defender gains +10% Attack for each Buff on them.

Physical Resistance: +40% Physical Resistance

Plagued Mind: Attackers Power is drained every 30 seconds.

Sadist - 1: This Defender gains +10% Attack for each Debuff on them.

Critical Resistance: +20% Critical Resistance

AQ Buff Selection Screen

Quick Reference Guide to the Buff Selection Screen once you enter AQ. Feel free to download.