Quest Global Node:

Combo Party: For each 10 hits on their combo meter, the attacker gains a permanent Cruelty Buff, granting +500 crit damage rating. When struck, the attacker loses all Cruelty Buffs if their combo meter is lost and takes 40% of the defenders attack rating as direct damage for each cruelty buff removed this way.

Special Delivery: The attacker begins the fight with 15 Combo charges. Each landed basic attack decreases the combo charges by 1 and launching a special attack will reset the charges. If all charges are removed, they are reset, and the Attacker suffers passive Degen equal to 100% of the defender's attack over 4 seconds.


Don't Do This!

How I did it.

DOs and DON'Ts of Combo Party and Special Delivery:


Captain America -> Punisher 2099 -> Ultron -> Nebula -> Vulture -> Spider-Man (Stark enhanced) -> Sentinel -> Ultron (Boss)

Key Fights:

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